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Whoever our client is, a ship owner, a maritime agency or a sailor-mechanic, we will always be able to help them solve any problem. We can:

  • - eliminate an abnormal or emergency situation;
  • - recruit experienced technical shipboard personnel;
  • - teach and prepare the engine crew for working at different types of vessels.

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Our key feature

Nowadays the competence level of shipboard personnel, especially that of a technical kind, has some serious flaws: lack of real experience of overcoming abnormal and emergency situations; lack of practical knowledge of design, operation and maintenance of ship systems and mechanisms.

Our objective is not to give you fine words and bright pictures that can be obtained at any classes or universities that train fleet personnel. In our work we share the long-term experience in vessel operation and maintenance, obtained by our experts – acting mechanic engineers. We know everything about shipboard equipment and systems, about safety at tankers and gas carriers, about repair at dry docks and at sea.

Proprietary inventions and training methods

We have great practical experience of creatively different inventions and realizations that successfully solved problems of our ship owner clients. We understand that the time of vessel demurrage costs a lot, so we save a great deal of money for our clients.

When training and retraining sailors, we give them only concrete knowledge, applicable in their work. If you are facing an abnormal or emergency situation, call to us: we will help you to solve them distantly, quickly and efficiently 24/7/365

The experts of chief-engineer.com.ua have:

  • More than 18 years year experience in ship maintenance and repair;
  • More than 19 years chief engineer's experience on large-cargo fleet;
  • More than 12 years chief engineer's experience on oil tankers;
  • More than 3 years superintendent's experience on tanker fleet;
  • More than 15 different type of vessels repairing experience at dry docks;
  • Experience in layup vessels into operation after 2-4 years of demurrage and ship owner change;
  • Successful experience in commissioning vessels with various inspections: DNV, BV, PSC, BP, Shell, etc.

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Main services chief-engineer.com.ua

For companies:

  • - Recruiting and testing technical shipboard personnel for different types of vessels;

  • - Testing chief engineers for superintendent jobs;

  • - Online technical consultations on abnormal and emergency situations on vessels 24/7/365;

  • - Independent control of technical condition of shipboard mechanisms and equipment, results and quality of maintenance and repair works;

  • - Help in analysis of critical situations and disasters; Recommendations on their elimination with possible onboard or dry dock visits;

  • - Help in putting vessels into operation after long-term demurrage or ship owner change;

  • - Putting a vessel out of critical state: COPT, boilers, ship auxiliaries and systems of tankers or other types of vessels (mechanical part);

  • - Help vessel crew to go through the following inspections: DNV, BV, PSC, BP, Shell, etc.

For shipboard personnel:

  • - Individual classes, instruction, trainings (introduction to and improving knowledge of vessel structure, its operation, safety etc.) and retraining for working on different types of vessels and propulsion systems using digital layouts, drawings and videos: combustion engines, marine auxiliaries, vessel maintenance and repair, etc. Retraining dry cargo fleet personnel for working on tankers. Technical topics are not limited!

  • - Studying with use English terms;

  • - Testing knowledge level, preparation for proficiency testing and exams, questions of safety, etc.

  • - Online technical consultations on abnormal and emergency situations on vessels 24/7/365.

Steam turbine, Mitsui B&W 6S70MC (crude oil tanker, 149700mt)


Engine room, H.Sulzer 7RTA58T-B (crude oil tanker, 98000mt)


Engine room, H.Sulzer 7RTA58T-B (crude oil tanker, 98000mt)


Discharging (crude oil tanker, 98000mt)



Accident during discharging of dangerous cargo

An oil tanker with the dead weight of 100000 Mt was carrying aboard 90000 m3 of flammable toxic product methanol for about a year. The freighter just couldn't manage to sell the fraught and started pursuing the ship owner in court. When the fraught was finally sold in Singapore, the vessel went to the port for discharge. At the time the duties of the chief engineer were carried out by the company's representative... Read completely

Urgent putting vessel into operation after long-term demurrage

The superintendent and the engine crew consisting of chief engineer, second engineer, third engineer, fourth engineer, electrical engineer, three motormen and fitter were sent on a mission to receive and put into operation a shuttle tanker 115000 Mt after 3.5 year anchoring in the tropical zone. The company gave them 30 days to get the job done...Read completely

There are no impossible tasks for us

An oil tanker with dead weight over 100000 Mt was preparing for discharging in Fujairah (UAE). The vessel crew had just been changed, so the discharging preparation was not going well. The company sent their representative superintendent to the vessel of to help them with discharging. The superintendent came aboard; the vessel unanchored and started moving to port. At this time the air-conditioning at the vessel superstructure was damaged... Read completely



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